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Head / Brain MRI Scan & Cost of Head / Brain MRI Scan

Call us to save up to 40% on Head MRI Scans: 9990346046, 011-41414170

Timings: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

If you're looking for a head MRI scan at a fair price, you're reading the right page! We offer free services (irrespective of age and gender) for helping you find the right place for a Head / Brain MRI Scan anywhere in Delhi. Call us for amazing offers at any one of our scanning centers in Delhi.

What is a Head MRI Scan?

An MRI scan of any part of the head such as the brain or neck is a Head MRI scan. It helps in diagnosing any ailments related to the nervous system or preventing further damage after a serious injury to any one of these parts.

The Cost of a Head MRI

A typical MRI scan of the head would cost you Rs. 8,000. This price reflects the work put into research and development. Further more the new techniques in imaging and the hike in salary of doctors contribute to the high price. This seems unfair because a simple scan like a MRI Scan burns a hole in wallet. You'll be making a wise decision by calling Best Medical Savings ™ to claim the discount that awaits you.

MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging

An MRI machine looks like a doughnut. It works on the principle of magnets that align your body molecules in a particular way to produce an image. This method is advantages because doctors can spot abnormal signs that come with disease.

Preparation for a Head MRI

You do not need to change your diet for this scan. There are a few things which can do you harm because of the magnets in the MRI Scanner, they are:

  • You must surrender any type of metallic object whether magnetic or non-magnetic to the radiologist who will keep them safely. These items may include piercings, hairpins, earrings, jewelry, etc.
  • If you are pregnant or think you may be consult your doctor before the scan as it may not be safe.
  • Do not go for this scan if you a nursing your baby.
  • Apparels of any kind must be removed and lab scrubs that are provided must be worn.
  • If you are using any type of medical device that aids your body, for instance – a pacemaker or a metal rod supporting your healing bone can be hazardous; in such a case let your doctor or radiologist know of your condition before the scan.

Once the radiologist clears you for the scan, you will have to change into lab scrubs and mount the slider of the MRI Scanner. You will be strapped on to the slider by your arms, legs and chest. Then for a special transparent mould will be placed over your head to secure it. You will be provided with a panic button which you can push if you ever feel the need to come out of the MRI scanner.

Time taken for a MRI Head Scan

The complete procedure takes up to 30 minutes. But the scan itself will take about 15 minutes. Since it is a head MRI scan you need not wait any longer than 15 minutes at the most. You will be required to stay still during the scan to obtain high quality images.

How does the Radiologist conduct the Head MRI Scan?

Once your doctor has referred you to a radiologist, give us a call and we'll make sure you pay less for the Head MRI Scan. Once you get there, the radiologist will ask you to fill out a questionnaire involving your medical history. Then the radiologist will ask a few questions and make you understand the procedure. Once you are prepared for the scan, you will be sent into the hollow zone of the MRI scanner and that's it. A few more minutes and you're scan is ready. Once you are done with the scan the radiologist will usher you out of the scan room to redress and keep your scan ready in the meantime. The radiologist will examine the scans and consult the respective doctor. The result of your scan will be ready depending on the availability of doctors.

Risks Involved with a Head MRI Scan

MRI Scans are not advised in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is advised that patients with chronic renal failure undergo Head MRI Scans without any contrast medium. Other than these two risks there are practically no known negative side effects from a MRI Scan.

Types of Head MRI Scan

  • Brain MRI Scan: this MRI scan involves the axial and lateral scanning of your brain. This scan reveals the structure of the brain which helps the doctors to spot anything abnormal such as a mass or a tumor. It helps doctors to diagnose disease like cancer and aid in research in ongoing neurological studies. The cost of a brain MRI is about Rs.6500, but with our offers you can cut down the cost.
  • Neck MRI Scan: this scan reveals the structure of the medulla oblongata and the cervix region of the spinal cord. Most disease characterized by muscular dysfunction shoe abnormalities in the neck region. The cost of a neck MRI is about Rs.4000, but this scan is usually included into the brain MRI; that's why it's a head MRI scan.